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Feb ’23: ’05 Raptor Build

Purchase price: $1600

Projected build price:

Projected sale price: Raffle to select group?

Pulling this ragged out monster apart for a complete rebuild and paint. Raptor 660 on Discord

My daughter Brooke bought this Raptor and we didn’t get much done with it. I needed the tools I have spent the last two years or so working on getting.

Some people thought this was a bit much of a bike for a small girl, but I think this is a great beginners quad. Yes, it does have a lot of power, but its is very friendly and stable once widened a little more properly.

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Wiring Harness

The electrical harness has apparently been raped and I’ve taken it upon myself to try to fix it. More than fix it, I want this to be the beginning of a whole new thing for me. I’m trying to have the ability to expertly diagnose and repair auto and motosports wiring. This Raptor should be a good project to use as a good start in learning how to make electrical harnesses. I want to have a full inventory of the parts and tools and all the how tos curated also.


Need a packout organizer with complete details of nuts, bolts, washers and such in the system. This should include an organizer with location, full hardware specs including torque. Full inventory for sale and how tos.

The current List of Stuff To Fix or Upgrade

Build an updated list of build parts.

  • Alba +2″ A-arms.
  • + 2″ axle
  • Alba nerf bars
  • Foot peg bolts and threads on frame.
  • Clutch
  • Top end
  • swing arm bolt came off with an air hammer -slowly but steady. Should make a blunter hammer. Might consider a 12″+ c clamp to press it out.
  • A arm bushings
  • shock linkage
  • chain rollers