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09-02-21: Getting Ready For Homeschooling Season

We are a long time home school family, from our immediate family to the vast majority of our very large extended family (on my wife’s side). Personally, I grew up in government indoctrination centers.

Anyway, the biggest hole in my education is easily math. Somehow I did well in my more advanced maths, but have always struggled especially in the basics.

Now, with my interest in being able to fabricate, especially the ATV stuff (like A-arms, frames and such) I see a real need to solidify my skills. These young fellows, @william-gregory and @liljespy are also interested in some of this ATV fabrication stuff and of course other things too, so I have committed to them that I will work with them on learning math, spreadsheets, CAD and Blender specifically.

Math, spreadsheets, CAD and Blender are the tools to do so many things.

I think that a good grasp on these skills can put someone in a very valuable position in being able to produce pretty much anything they want in life. As you know, my interests are in ATVs and other general fabrication.

So, now we are going to get our schedules together and start out using Discord until I can figure out what is wrong with my NextCloud install. Once that is running right, we will switch to that and start building our skills and projects from that vastly superior collaboration platform.

I’m also going to try to get these kids to keep a blog of their efforts here, so we can all see progress.

Alright. I’m off to shoe some horses and then I will get back to it this evening.