Introduction – What we are about here.

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I have several interests. Too many, really. It keeps me from being able to focus and build them into what I would like. So be it, I continue to build them to the best of my ability.

This steelbak site and series of accounts on Hive and LBRY and others is now my hub for the other accounts. I am a farrier ( a father, an on and off farmer, an aspiring content creator (@flyinghigher) and a porcupine the the core (

My son, Will and I are working on buying dirt bikes and four wheelers that need some work and fixing them up. We will keep some and sell some.

Currently, our interest as a family, at least the kids and I is in dirt bikes and four-wheelers. Well, its mostly Will and I with the super strong interest in making in happen and doing the work, but the others are super supportive and more than willing to go along with our ambitions.

It seems pretty likely that if we continue to be consistent in buying interesting fixer uppers and documenting our progress to rebuild the bikes into high quality projects to keep or sell then we should be fairly successful at creating something a little bit special.

We are also working on building backyard farming goods like chicken, goat and pig houses and such. We have some good experience in this that we can design and build some nice functional things.

This is a box we built for my wife’s goats, specifically her bucks. We just built it without any real design. Our future boxes and stuff will all be thoroughly designed and available for anyone to use. I plan to open source them even, so you can take the designs and do whatever you want with the.

I think open source is the best way to do things like this because it incentivizes innovation.

The following is my first post, my first attempt to explain what I’m trying to accomplish personally and with the hive accounts I am working on.

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