DayZ Server

DayZ is a bit of a special game. It is a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game. It has a fairly steep learning curve, as you start the game as a “fresh spawn” in the cold Russian post apocalypse environment with just a shirt and a pair of capris (short pants?) on with a very scant few things to get you started. You are to then get right to looting the area you are in, searching for ways to stay alive amidst Zombies and other players.

When it comes to other players, they may try to kill you and take your stuff, or maybe they will want to be friends or just leave you alone as they go about their own way – who knows. that is one of the main parts that makes this game a bit special.

There are two main problems we (my son and I) found as noobs. One is that if we want to play together, we spawn at different areas and we have no clue where we are or how to find each other. The other problem is that we don’t know how to play the game well, so we end up dead by zombies, other players or whatever in short time, so we can’t seem to get a grip on the game play.

So, I started a DayZ server.

Last week I started a server so my son and I could play around with it.

We wanted a place where we could first of all – find each other and second – practice the game without being accosted by other players right away.

In order to accomplish that, I password protected the server and I also learned how to edit the server .xml files so that we would only spawn near where we built our camps and otherwise mess around with things to our liking.

Thoughts about the future

The long term goal is that we are thinking about having events later on when we get some experience both playing the game and customizing the server.

This week I will be setting up a Discord server and a GitHub account to help things along.

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