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The Great Survey

Steelbak’s First DIY Homesteading Series.

The Great Survey is what I’m calling my second proof of concept in this Multibrand Content Creation business I have recently committed to building. Steelbak is my personal DIY channel (brand) where I create and share content about how the other brands all fit together, sort of extending from this more personal Steelbak brand.

The first proof of concept is the goal of Farrier Services YouTube Monetization. I’m currently a couple of weeks into that.

The Great Survey is deep look into all of the DIY projects that need done around here on our property and progress my goal of creating the multibrand content creation system which all builds naturally on each other.

I am creating a series of posts and videos detailing the process of finding all the things that need done, organizing, researching, scheduling, executing and filming the entire process.

Not only will this be another solid proof of concept and opportunity to learn and refine the process but it will be a great source of content and achievement for me. We need these things done personally because this is our home, but these things also need done for this business to succeed as well.

That brings me to the hard part and the zit I think this exact series can help me pop – everyone here, including myself is pretty damn camera shy, including myself. It’s a terrible problem when the solution to everything is to create content everyday. I’m blaming this natural camera shyness we all share on why I haven’t done any of this until now even though I have been talking about doing this and investing in this for years.

If we do this very long series of projects and live with the content creation side of things (cameras everywhere) and it proves to be successful for us to build on, then that should just be that.

The Rig and the Shop

It’s time to just get started.

  1. Daily Clean and Organize Garage and Rig. This is always the first thing done every Monday am.
  2. The Great Survey – We have a lot of work to do on this property and I will document that for fun and practice. I can be a Homesteading series that can provide practice in making affiliate material.
  3. 3D Property Map
  4. Kitchen sink tank less water heater.
  5. Clear brush from drainage area for walk out. Mostly done.
  6. Get cistern from the Courtney’s. Find a hauler and decide on a price.
  7. Clean the exterior of the house. Windows, siding… Mold Guard purchased? Need more hoses?
  8. Frequent water system cleaning and upgrade water filters.
  9. Restore large trailer.
  10. Goat barn storage extension. Spec, price and build.
  11. Finnish painting exterior doors and such. Should be done before the weather gets bad.
  12. ’04 Yamaha Grizzly and Yard Trailer – Wood and Projects Trailers Design in Blender, spec on Calc and build as products from Steelbak.
  13. Clean up the basement interior. Shelves?…
  14. Kabota ZD331 restoration and maintenance and proper storage. DIY homestead project.
  15. Goat fence
  16. Replace garage man door.
  17. Replace generator electrical box and controls as well as front of the house exterior outlets.
  18. Map all circuit breakers to outlets/ lights.
  19. Get firewood
  20. Basement stove install
  21. Retaining walls. Spec, price, obtain materials and build.
  22. Basement walk out door – spec and price.
  23. Powerstroke problems: coolant leak and no heating. Parts are here.
  24. Explorer coolant leak, exhaust manifold leak and check for other problems.
  25. Continue “Focus on Brand & Products” for each remaining channel and content creation.
  26. Network Upgrade for Steelbak/ homestead.
  27. Nextcloud Hub Bare Metal Monster for Flying Higher
  28. Setup Editing/ Streaming in garage. Top shelf graphics. Design in Blender, spec on Calc and build.
  29. ’87 Suzuki LT 250R
  30. ’95 Yamaha Blaster
  31. ’05 YFZ / Banshee (Cub or something?) Hybrid.

This will take an entire season to accomplish, if I’m lucky. Its a ton of content potential over an unknown amount of time.

While doing that, I am also committed to consistent work in Blender for all sorts of content creation from modeling for Steelbak, Farrier Services, or creating streams for Flying Higher. This commitment at the moment has been roughly equaling that of all the other stuff I need to do because it is my weakness and I absolutely need this for almost everything to go forward. In reality, this whole process depends on Linux and Blender for everything.

Continue “Focus on Brand & Products” for each remaining channel.

That’s a giant ass list. Each of these items can be at least an good post, if not even an entire sub series. What I think I will do is get started tonight on creating a post for each and linking them all here. That means I have to publish them incomplete and sort of build them as I go. Doing so, I have to be careful not to publish them to Hive until they are ready.

The Farrier Services channel is where my content creation is currently focused with the main focus to get monetized. I’m learning a ton already in the process. The grind of capturing contend and editing is a lot of fun for me and definitely also a lot of work. It takes a ton of planning and work and luck and time to create even half decent content.

Beginning Blender project I think I could spend the rest of my life doing.

Flying Higher is seeing a rebrand away from client services and into more of an expert DIY content creation, management and marketing using as much open source as possible.

DiggnDeeper is on a bit of a holding pattern. Once I get the other brands running a bit better, I will be working on the WordPress Web3 Syndication Plugin, running nodes for Hive and general open source, blockchain type stuff.

Once I get this series wrapped up, I can move on to building ATVs and Open Source Ecology projects with Steelbak.