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02-09-22: General Update

January Sucked.

It turns out that January was really just a complete loss. My wife and I were sick a lot on either side of our Florida vacation in early/ mid January. Then when we got home, we continued to slowly recover from being sick and had to deal with an onslaught of weather hassles.

Here it is at the end of the first week of February and I’m just now feeling like I’ve mostly got my feet under me and I’m looking at my long list of projects.

The ‘ 87 Suzuki LT250R

Priority number one is getting this machine wrapped up. I have spent about a year and a half getting parts for this beautiful thing and the “end” is near – yet ever elusive.

Currently, the rear end is done and golden. I would go out on a limb and say that the rear end of this machine is kind of a work of art. The MTC custom swingarm is awesome.

Now its time to start looking at the front end, which needs new knuckles.

The Shop

Sure has come a long way.

My Port and Polish setup has been the focus of the shop lately. I really need a vapor blasting setup to sort of fill out this tool set, but of course thats a few thousand more dollars.

I also made a list of stuff I need to change tires. That will be another major advancement and not really that much money.

We did put up a TV in the shop. It’s the greatest productivity enhancer yet.

Now I just need a stool. I got really tired of standing while working on thes engine yesterday. Its the little things like these that really make it a whole lot nicer to go out there are spend time.

Luke’s Blaster

Round 3 on splitting the cases.

The good news is that I’m getting pretty good at it.

The first time I put it together, I forgot the alignment dowels that help hold things together under rotational and vibrational forces. I re-split the cases, cleaned it up and put the dowels in – but forgot the counter balance. So, last night I split the cases once again.

I pulled the cranck and transmision out also, because I want to clean the cases really well of gasket maker and prep everything again.

The Rest of The Machines…

They are just hanging out in the basement – waiting.