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Manufacturing On Demand – MODS

As DIYers, we now have the amazing fortune to live in a time where we have the tools to actually own our production. We are able to do this through our own DIY tools and skills, other private makers and maker hubs in our special interest communities and also professionals like SendCutSend, Protolabs and others that we will be exploring.

This is possible through Open Source tools like Linux, WordPress and Nextcloud and then enabling peer-to-peer markets that can be run openly and with extremely robust blockchain tools like Monero, Hive and LBRY.

I really want to use this to make the point that you and I have tools and ability to learn how to use them. I’m willing to settle in and learn Precision Modeling and Manufacturing On Demand and share all that I can.

Personally, I want to start with Suzuki LT 250R engine parts and the Open Source Ecology’s skid steer, 3D printer.

Design principles and best practices.

What kind of files?