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Manufacturing On Demand (MODS): Empowering Community Innovation

Manufacturing On Demand (MODs) explores the open ownership of the power of manufacturing and markets for the things we all need. DIY custom parts, embracing the open-source and DIY philosophy that now possible. Our homes and machines can be all open sourced, decentralized and available for us to create our own markets for.


  • Empowerment: Take control of your projects with the ability to manufacture parts on demand.
  • Openness: Access CAD files and technical documentation – commitment to transparency and collaboration.
  • Innovation: Unleash your creativity with the freedom to customize and innovate.
  • Solving the Unobtainium Problem: No part is unobtainable when you can create it yourself. MODs make the unobtainable obtainable.

Focus Areas

  • Frames: Craft custom frames tailored to your vision.
  • A-arms, Swing Arms & IRS: Design and manufacture unique A-arms and swing arms and even put IRS on your machine.
  • Cylinders & Cases: Create custom cylinders and engine cases as interest and time allow.

How It Works

  1. Join The Hub: Gain access to The Hub, Steelbak’s collaboration platform housing CAD files and providing support.
  2. Choose Your Project: Select from a range of focus areas, including frames, A-arms, swing arms, and more.
  3. Design with Blender: Utilize Blender, a powerful open-source tool, to design your custom parts.
  4. Manufacture with SendCutSend: Leverage manufacturing on demand services like SendCutSend to bring your designs to life.

Get Started with MODs

Ready to take control of your projects and unleash your creativity? Join the Steelbak community and get started with MODs today. Access CAD files, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and turn your ideas into reality. Join our Discord to learn more and gain access to The Hub.