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3D Modeling Resources


One of my main goals this winter is to make real progress on getting a solid grasp of the skills and tools to be able to reproduce parts that can’t be obtained in other ways.

I have a ton of stuff I want to make.

Blender has long been my preferred tool for just about everything graphical. I think it has the power to do like 90% of all the things we need and want to do as makers. From content creation to creating physical things. We can design and create so much with Blender.

Where To Learn Blender

CG Cookie

Has a brand new updated intro course.

I have a legacy membership to CG Cookie. I hang my head in shame as to how much time it spends unused.


This guy is on Odysee. Can we get him to get on #3Speak and #Hive also?

The content here is on Precision Modeling with Blender. It is not CAD style, it is Blender style and it is very interesting. I keep


Architecture Masterclass

Where To Find Assets

UnReal Engine

This could be a tool for creating a full index of information in like an interactive and explodable view sort of thing. Could make locating and creating parts on demand a possibility. In other words, we could create an app where you can get full documentation with files and access to services all in an animated and interactive app.

Could be used to design properties and buildings and everything by placing tools in an accurate way with information and market integration with #hive?

We could create communities around designing and creating parts and services for anything.

I could use my interest in Open Source Ecology and ATVs as perfect examples. This would solve robustness and we have the tools now.