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My name is Scott Gregory. I’m a farrier, father, “open source advocate and architect”, and a bit of a homesteader. I love to create content (play with cameras and computers).

Regular updates on my blog. – OpenDIY

Awesome builds that are fully documented for DIY and building a business around that.

Steelbak is my personal Open Source-centric DIY project. The menu at the top of this site will hopefully lay out the jist of things. Its my attempt to create a business out of how open source gives us the ability to truly own the means to communication, production, and markets. True freedom and robustness is an option now. We can build these communities.

With that in mind, I feel like the other brands all work well together, so I’m feel like I should try to do it all. It all just seems to work so well together.


Discord, Nextcloud, Hive, LBRY, Youtube, Patreon and , CGCookie, HP Academy, Maker Tales, Home Builder. – My Day Job.

Farrier Services is my original passion and profession since I was in high school. I was singularly focused to the point of near obsession with the art and science of horseshoeing for a long time in my early days. Combined with the incredible fortune of being involved with some of the top farriers and equestrians in the world is a privilege I will always appreciate. It has been a very interesting time to be in such an interesting lifestyle career.

Farriery and the horse industry in general is in major jeopardy, so now I’m focusing on shifting my focus from shoeing horses for a living to creating farrier related content and really my DIY other interests besides shoeing.

Creating farrier content is very challenging because of privacy concerns so much of it is limited to clients and supporters only. I can only publish a small amount of publicly available content unless I find a new way of doing things. I have been poking around at some ideas, but I’m not especially motivated to put the extra effort into content most days.

Lately, I’ve been working on YouTube Monetization as a fun proof of concept and challenge. I also want to start doing some farrier specific 3D modeling and animation work.


Hive, LBRY, Discord, YouTube, Patreon, Nextcloud Hub

Flying – Content Creation, Management and Marketing.

This content creation side gig has been an interest of mine for a long time also. Who doesn’t love playing with cameras and computer? Aslo, being a farrier is physically and professionally risky. So, for a long time I have dabbled in building custom servers and creating websites and media. Lately, I have begun rebranding away from clients to focus making content about how I make content for my other brands. Its kind of a passion project about my other passion projects.

High performance DIY systems built using as much Open Source and Decentralized solutions as possible.

We have the most powerful and open tools the world has never even imagined just a short time ago.

  • Meshnet – OpenWRT High performance and robust network built for as much security, reliability, flexibility and ownership as possible.
  • NAS – TrueNAS
  • Stream Machine – A top shelf, high capacity machine to create and edit content while recording and streaming. Many cores. Big ram and storage. Premium graphics card. Great monitors.
  • Linux – The Freedom Seed.
  • Blender – The SUPREME video editing/ content creation tool.
  • OBS for streaming and recording.
  • Custom Server – Optimized for self hosting WordPress and Nextcloud. Scalable. Plug and play for teams and communities to deploy and use these incredibly powerful communications tools.
  • WordPress
  • Nextcloud


Hive, LBRY, Patreon, Discord, YouTube, Nextcloud Hub – Web3. Open & Decentralized Tech and Principles.

This is a very special project that I also have put considerable time and effort into for a long time. It started as a deep dive into the value of the United States federal and state entities and the American Constitution. After several years of that, morphed 180 degrees into a curated deep dive into all things open source and decentralized. #OpenSourceEverything

Understanding open and decentralized principles allows us to really understand the folly of believing in governments. #StateSpeechIsHateSpeech

  • NodeMaster – A top shelf beast running nodes for Hive (witness), LBRY and Monero
  • wp-dapp – fully integrate WordPress as a Hive and LBRY front end. The only problem left is the domain name problem. Meshnets could solve that.
  • Continued curation and content creation for open source and decentralized tech and principles.
  • Meshnets. The final frontier.


I hang out on DiggnDeeper’s Discord pretty much all the time with some other folks and mostly talk about the Hive blockchain.

Hive, LBRY, Discord, YouTube, Patreon, Twitter, Nextcloud Hub