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02-14-22: Starting My Two Stroke Port and Polish Setup.

This is one of those things that I fully intend to get real intimate with. I really love tuning two strokes and this is the not so secret weapon.

Before I do get to port and polish all the two strokes around, I need to create an organized and useful working setup.

The first thing to do is make a sturdy hanger for the motor.

After spending a lot of time milling around the garage, I figured it out and it couldn’t be a better solution.

It turns out that the axle off my ’87 Suzuki LT250R with the rear brake rotor attached is the perfect hanger for the motor. I cut the axle so that the brake rotor bolted on makes the sturdy bottom.

This is the CC Specialty Tools setup is a high end hang up motor with a straight hand piece, a right angle hand piece and a variety of cutting, grinding and polishing attachments.

I’m pretty happy to have all the rotary coolness.

There is actually a lot more in the Milwaukee Packout you see there in the lower left of the picture above. Its going to take some time to get fully acquainted with the workflow and organizing, but I sure look forward to that.

I’m sorry these aren’t great pictures. I’ll expand on this as soon as I get the chance.