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02-19-21: Finally back to work.

This has been possibly the worst couple of weeks of winter in Ohio I have ever been through. The timing of the snow and the temperatures have created a constantly unfriendly shoeing situation for me. This morning I let stayed put until the roads were cleared of the few inches of fluffy snow I woke up to but finally headed out around noon for what is possibly the easiest place to get into.

Luckily the horses are also nice to work on and that certainly makes for a nicer time.

Shoeing wrapped up fairly quickly with just a front reset, new back shoes with traction and another horse was just a trim.

I saw this colorful fellow on my way home.

I also had to stop at Tractor Supply to get some grain for our horse and some of my wife’s goats. There was barely enough room in my shoeing rig for just a few bags of grain. I’m glad that was all we needed.

More work on Fractions and learning about milling.

I am continuing to spend an hour or two a day learning math on Khan Academy. It’s going quite well. The explanations are great and I feel like I am really getting a hang of this elementary stuff that I am so terrible with. Its actually kind of fun.

Along with the math, I’m working pretty hard on learning the basics of milling. I feel like the basic understanding is starting to take shape. Reading this book above and watching a lot of videos is making me feel like I might get somewhere some day.

As I’m reading and doing videos, I’m working on a spread sheet to list all the tools and paraphernalia I need. This should help me make much more informed decisions as I start actually purchasing stuff.

Another things I will be doing (but haven’t been doing much of yet) is working on the Maker Wiki.

More to come.

I feel like I have a reasonable long term “curriculum” and plan that I can stick to.

You may or may not know, but the overall goal of what I am doing is all to document and promote open learning. In this case; learning about how to be a proficient maker.