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03-27-21: Stealing wheels from the Raptor for the Blaster.

Our old 1995 Yamaha Blaster is in good shape, but the wheels are toast.

The tires are so dry rotted that I am a little worried about letting the kids run around too fast with it. Because of that, I have been looking around the internet the last few days trying to find some rims and tires for it, but finding surprisingly little info. The option on the sizes are confusing me with the options on the big ATV retail sites.

Anyway, looking at some forums, I found this:

“Almost all the yamaha sport quad’s share the same pattern in the front..This pattern is a 4/156 in the front. The rear differ’s that the blaster is a 4/100 and the warrior, banshee, raptor, and yfz are all 4/115. The good thing is that all the hub’s are interchangeable, I have banshee rear hub’s on my blaster so i could use raptor wheels.”

Well, that is really interesting.

I jumped outside and had @william-gregory grab the impact wrench so we could switch the wheels of the Raptor.

We will have to replace the wheels on the Raptor, but its currently out of commission because we are getting new A-arms for it this week.

I really like how much better these wheels look on the Dweeb Machine.

We did try one of the Raptor’s rear wheels just to make sure we couldn’t switch them out too because it really looked like the swap would be better for each machine.

If you read the quote above from the forum, it says that this won’t work, but we tried anyway.

This was an interesting find. Look how wallered out the holes are. The other rear rim looks fine, but something not good happened here. I suspect a previous owner swapped out a hub that happened to fit the Raptor’s axle and they did this to make it fit. We’ll have to get that all straightened out. I don’t like the fact that this weakens the rims on a machine that is that powerful.

The hub looks fine. We just need to make sure it is the correct one.

@honeybadger6070 & @liljespy