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03-31-22: Wind, Shoeing, Editing.

Spring hasn’t quite sprung, but it is fucking psycho.

Yesterday, throughout the night and then still a lot of today has been very windy. That wind has brought down a lot of branches on our squiggly little roads. Gusts up to 50 mph. This morning, especially. It was nearly 80F yesterday and a high of about 50F today. Typical crazy stuff.

Not a big deal, but not really weather I enjoy working outside around horses in.

Luckily, it was a short one and then back to the house to do a lot of file management and maybe some editing.

My Media Game.

I’m going to be talking a lot about this stuff, or at least making it the actual focal point of my life from here on out . I am doing my absolute best to meld this in as part of my life. It has to be content creating and editing. I have an endless amount of content…

Those are two very different things, but must be completely symbiotic for success. I am a farrier by trade and I have been a long time moonlighter in building servers and “stuff”, but this thing where the two skills or tasks are so very different to realize an outcome is interesting to me. Its also something I need to overcome, now.

I’ve been here before. I just never brought it to the end. I capture content all the time, but that is as far as it tends to go.

It’s not anywhere near as simple or easy as it seems like it would be.

That is a lot of gear. It’s needed to keep three full gigs going.

So, my mornings and evenings are now dedicated to my content. I’m going to work the rhythm of filing up the captures (cameras and stuff) through the day. Get it offloaded nice and neat like and proceed promptly to editing.

Plus, Liljespy’s parts are due in today.

I owe @liljespy for this!

It’s worth all the things.

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See, I’ve always thought that I’m incredibly fortunate that I have all these interests and hobbies as well as a fairly unique profession to pull in so much content for.

Farrier, Diggn Deeper, & Flying Higher

Lets just see how things go from here.