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04.06-07.22: Wet.

The lackawanna was strong this morning.

My 5am coffee and computer time was met with a new companion; my Buddy propane heater and he just kept whispering for me to stay right where I was. It was all I could do to resist the warm charm of my new friend, but alas, it was all too quickly that I had to go to work.

Wednesday Morning

Off to Honey Tree

Its over an hour drive, so I load up my podcaster (currently listening to Joe Rogan and another one called The Drop Out). Listening to podcasts is a big part of my day, usually.

Heavy traffic, of course.

I have to cross the “city” from the east all the way to the west side, which brings me through the busy areas.


April is just a tough time to be a farrier in the midwest. Its wet, the horses are still growing slowly and they are also shedding like crazy. Filth.


This is the office…

The Rig at HTS

I got a new pair of shoe pull offs. The last pair (on the left) didn’t really last very long. I modified them one too many times, so its time for new.

New Horse Shoe Pull Offs

Luckily, I was able to get out of there before it was too bad. I spent about an hour shoeing in the rain there. There was a spot in the roof that was dripping either on my head or the horse’s shoulders, depending on how we were standing. That was less than pleasant for either of us, lol.

The wet drive home.

Thursday Morning Prep

Easterly pasture.

Before I went to work, I had to prep some shoes to use. I like to get my shoes and stuff as prepped as possible at home so I spend as little time as possible at the client’s place. To be clear, its not to say I’m trying to “get out of there”, I just think its best to limit the amount of things I have to do on site.

I have the perfect setup to do it at home, so this allows me to focus much more on the horses and client while I’m there. It’s just more efficient.

The Farrier Area

I took a minute to look at the new car again and see that the fuse box has no lid, so I need to get that fixed.

I also took a look at the van and I think I see what is wrong with the belt system and I’ll try to get that fixed soon.