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04-21-21: What a day.

I mean seriously, what the fuck is this shit?

It’s April 21st in southern Ohio. Yesterday was sunny and in the upper 60’s and this is what we get today.

The two or three or so inches of snow was extremely heavy and took down quite a few trees.

The power was off when I left to shoe horses for the day, but I assumed it would be on fairly soon. On my way to my first stop, however, my wife called and said that Duke Energy claimed it would be out until around 4pm. She wanted me to guide her through setting up the generator so that they could have some power for the day.

Well, that fiasco went on for at least a good 40 minutes or so of her running up and down the stairs from the generator outside to the basement breaker box before she figured out that the power was actually on already. Doh.

I finally got to the barn and it sucked.

The first horse I worked on was usually perfect, but today she was super sucky. She was all fidgety and fussy. She crapped for times, pulled a brand new shoe I had just nailed on and pissed all over the shoeing bay.

The following few horses were better, but I was at full tilt. The problem was that I had to cruise through two sedated horses. This is because the girl that was able to sedate them there had to leave, so she just sedated them and left, but I had to make sure to get them shod before the sedative wore off.

After shoeing, I headed out to meet a fellow for some wheels that I found on Facebook Marketplace for the Raptor. It was an interesting trip with the strange weather. It was occasionally snowing and sunny and the wet on the road was making a neat looking fog. Kinda neat.

Finally home, I found a nice pile of new parts for the quads, mostly for the Raptor’s A-arms. Hopefully I can get those put on in the next few days.