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08-08-21: Broken Toe? Bluetoe. Like Pluto, but Bluto.

Yesterday, I broke my toe while trimming a mule. It was a total accident and the mule is a really good guy, but something spooked him and he stepped on my toe just right and he broke it.

It could be worse, for sure. It hurts like hell to put a sock or shoe on it, so it looks like no activity for a day or so. Of course its a fairly nice weekend too, albeit hot. I’m sure it will be fine enough after that.

Anyway, that put an end to the quad repairs for the weekend. Obviously, there is also no riding this weekend either.

Its not all bad. I have tons of files to organize, web work and video editing to do.

The primary drives on my system were a mess and too full, so that’s where I had to start. I got rid of a few hundred Gigs of junk. I still have way too much stuff because I can’t seem to just get rid of all the video I keep collecting and always think I’ll do something with.

While straightening up the files, I made up the plan to publish everything I could, starting with the biggest files. I started with a bunch of GoPro footage of shoeing horses on a particular day that edited out to over an hour and a half at 4k 24p. I started that render last night. Of course, its a really long render which happened to fail this morning. I then started a re-do of that render. Here it is early evening and its still at about 50%.

Hopefully by tomorrow, the swelling will be down on my foot that I can get back into the swing of things and get some videos and work done on our machines.