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09-12-20: Sunday riding.

This morning’s task is to learn LibreOffice Calc. In all my computer experience, I have never taken the time to figure out even the basics of spread sheets. I need it for several new projects, but specifically the four wheeler projects. I always wake up early, so this gave me enough time to figure some stuff out.

Once the house came to life, Will and I went out and changed the oil in the Yamaha Grizzly.

It didn’t take long, and we were off to Kentucky.

The Grizzly did well on the ride this day. The last time we had it out down here, I pushed it a bit hard and the stator couldn’t keep up, so the battery finally went out on us. It also seems that the water pump is out, so pretty soon we will have to tear into that and get it back up to good running order.

Anyway, the kids and I had a great time and I hope we can get back next weekend, if the weather is good.

Unfortunately, I still don’t think the Quadracer will be ready by next weekend, so that sucks.