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10/20/20: A Rainy Day to Watch “The Expanse”.


My work day of shoeing horses was shortened as my afternoon appointment cancelled (for the second time). I cross posted that to this account, but you can see it on if you care to see it. I have to admit that I wasn’t too disappointed to have the afternoon off. I’m absolutely feeling lazy on these rainy days.

This Afternoon

I know full well that we are not supposed to multitask, but while I’m dong some research for and some maintenance on the server, I have been watching “The Expanse” on Amazon. It’s pretty good.

I started watching the first episode a few times and never made it all the way through, but this weekend I was feeling particularly lazy and got through it. Now I”m hooked. I would go ahead and say its like Star Trek for the more sophisticated viewer, but that isn’t very accurate.

The vibe is right up my ally. I think its trying to think into the possibilities of the future of humanity as we have begun to occupy space. It seems to be a commentary about the consistency of humanity no matter the time or the place.

I am amused.

This Evening

My focus is on looking for projects to cover for and to clean up the intros and surface content on all the subdomains. Some of them are pretty shitty and some barely even have any placeholder content. Expanding on this is belongs on the account, but this is what I’m up to now. I suppose it will take the rest of the week to get this started sufficiently polished enough to move on to the next thing.