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10/26/20: Lots of irons in the fire.

As someone with about as much experience in the forge as anyone, I know that everything will be OK so long as I keep the fire low.

Also, as a very wise and experienced farrier use to tell me;

It’s not how hard you hit it, it’s how you hit it hard.

A farrier that’s been hit’n it for decades.

Believe it.

Continuing to clean and organize the garage.

I got the chance to do a fair bit of messing around with the garage today. I’m pretty happy with it. I’m guessing I have the place about 80% better now.

The best thing is putting stuff I don’t need anymore on Facebook Marketplace. As much as I wish we didn’t use Facebook, the Marketplace is pretty frick’n handy.

I wonder if we will ever see the day that these marketplaces are on blockchain platforms. What a world of problems that would solve.

I got this honey separator a few years ago from a client when I thought I was going to get into raising bees. He gave me all of his stuff, but I never used any of it. Now I’m getting rid of it all. I feel a bit bad that I never did get into the bees. Hopefully the time will come when I will, but I have to quit a few other things and that may not be such a great thing.

This portable torch kit was for my step dad for Christmas several years ago. He said he never really used it so he gave it back. I never used it either, so up it went on Facebook. About 10 people responded immediately and the guy that came to get it asked if I would take ammo for it.

Hell yeah, I’ll take ammo. He gave me a few boxes of 5.56 and some Tannerite.

That’s a fine deal if you ask me.


@William-Gregory and I have decided to grind it out together to get some better Blender skills. I’ve been at the Blender game for several years now, but I always want to finally polish up and become a much more accomplish creator with the software. I am lucky enough that I was an early subscriber to CGCookie and they allow me to keep the low subscription fee so long as I don’t let it lapse.

I’ve done several of the bootcamps and other things on there, but I really want to go the whole distance this winter. I figure if we spend a couple hours a day working on Blender instead of wasting time with something else, then we can get there.

This could be even more useful if we also blog about our activities every day on #Hive. By doing so, we will find other people to connect with and grow our account.

Unfortunately, @William-Gregory has very little ambition so we will see how it goes.

Trying to also fire up @Farrier.Services at the worst time.

The weather is not good this time of the year in the mid-west, but then again, when is it ever any good? I think I’ll start out by going through the website again and laying out the content. Once I get it outlined fairly well, I can start to make the videos. I’m thinking one video per week is plenty and I that will allow me to put some good effort into them.

I have a LBRY channel that is growing pretty well.

#Hive #Marketing and Projects on

I’m new to this one. I’m going to work on a post over on after this in which I hope that I can clarify the project for myself and for others. I have offered the Discord server as a comms hub. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m more than happy to commit some effort to this project. If ever there was a good time for this, it is absolutely right now. #Censorship is rampant on the mainstream platforms and we should absolutely capitalize on that.

Commitment to Focus.

With the upcoming season giving me time to work on my project interests, I am going to really focus on staying focused and stay the hell away from useless distractions like watching stuff on Amazon or scrolling Facebook. Speaking of those, I am going to try to focus only using the mainstream platforms to market our blockchain platforms.