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10/28/20: Not Altogether Just Another Day.

Coffee and computer.

The day always starts with coffee and a slow gathering of the senses. Luckily this morning those “senses” gathered somewhat quickly. The low lights of the early morning did seem a bit sharp as always but the fog of thoughts lifted rather well.

My daughter had a dentist appointment this morning, so I didn’t have to take her. This gave me the luxury of sitting at the computer and doing what I like for a bit more time this morning.

I did some pondering and some work on a few of my sites. I’m still working on the analytics of the other sites and subdomains of Its not really that complicated but I did get stuck on a problem caused by upgrading to Analytics 4 while also using the Standard analytics in the same property. So, like I said, its not that tricky, especially now that I have that little bit figured out, but it is rather tedious. It’s the perfect kind of work to do while by brain starts to get fired up for the day.

Clarity of thought surprised me and I feel like this little project of separating accounts and websites to create multiple brands of my passion, which are related to each other but distinct in their missions feels like it might finally be able to take roots. It will take a lot of consistent work and also probably daily refining of the plans and processes as well.

Finally getting moving.

Inventory for my farrier business has been put to the wayside for too long, so that was the first actual activity of the day. Its not much of an effort really, but it is a big expense.

Farrier supplies are damn expensive.

First stop

The fist stop was the ever exhausting Honey Tree.

Today the list was shorter than usual, but the hassles were pretty much the same.

Its the damn dogs.

I was able to get a few horses done before the damn herd of dogs showed up.

The picture below is just two of seven of the damn things. They come and cause all sorts of havoc on my day. They will tip over the muck bucket, fight and fuss around the horses and just generally get in the way with there seven huge selves. That doesn’t even include the half a dozen or so little ones that go through in there own wave that occasionally clashes with the other.

Today I got completely fed up with them and just left. I went to the next stable and quickly remembered how nice it can be to just do my job and take shoe the horses.

This evening.

Its been another nice quiet evening. The kids are all together tonight, so that is really nice. Other than that, I have to admit I didn’t get much of anything productive done. It’s 9:30pm now and I have to be up by 5:30am to take my daughter to work.

Off I go.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain heavily all day, so I only have one stop with a new client, then I hope to get some work around here done. Not sure it it will be out in the garage or on the computer.