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12-27-20: Took a little break. Ready to get busy now.

The holidays are always going to be a time for me to kick back and just hang with the family. Pretty much every year I tend to put all my projects down and just be lazy for a few weeks. This year is no different.

I’m giving myself until the first of the year to really get going, but starting tomorrow, I have some things in the can.

The Quadracer.

The Quadracer is the one with the black frame and the rear wheels taken off.

I ordered all the parts for the rear end today and they are due by this weekend.

The gasket at the end is for the kick starter. I have to get into the clutch side and re-attach the spring. I may not need the gasket, but if I do and have it opened up then I have to wait around. It’s worth just getting a new gasket and not having to worry about waiting.

Once I get all the parts this weekend, I can replace the rear axle with the new DuraBlue axle and all the bushings and bearings for the rear swing arm and suspension linkage.

I look forward to trying to put a video together for that.