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Tool Box Delivery And Video Editing With Blender

Editing With Blender

As I have said a few times lately, I have a ton of farrier footage I have collected over the last couple of years. I’m going to use that to get my editing skills together so that when we start making videos for this channel, I will be a lot better off. Honestly, my farrier YouTube channel has some videos that do ok with the little amount of effort I have put into it thus far.

I’m going to start with outputting to 2k (2048 × 1080) so that I can use my higher resolution cameras to crop in and move around with. The Hero 10 I am using most now records at 5.3k, so that gives me a bunch of room to play with and I think 2k is plenty for now anyway. My nice Dell monitor is only 2k so I don’t even have a 4k monitor right now anyway.

The goal of editing today is to edit some shoeing footage, add text and crop transitions. This is the basics and I want to try to get several done back to back so that I can get my skills up before next week.

Simple enough, but I must admit I’m pretty rusty and Blender takes a bit of extra time

I have a simple vertically stacked dual monitor setup right now and it works well for me at the moment. Its just the ThinkPad monitor and then the Dell monitor above it. More real estate is always better, but this is enough to get the job done for sure. Keeps me focused, honestly. If I had more space, I would probably get distracted watching Arcane.

Trying to do this with less seems impossible, but I’ve seen people do it.

Tool Box Delivery

My oldest daughter started her new air craft mechanic career this week and she is still just beginning to get her act together there. She needs this 56 inch American General toolbox quickly so she can get going.

Honestly, I was entertained, lol. It was a pretty smooth operation, thankfully. I took my beautiful wife and my seven year old and we got to see the fancy On Wing shop. Its really cool. I didn’t want to be taking pictures there, but I’m hoping some day I can see it more. What a cool place.

I’m slow at editing with Blender at this point, but I’ll get it.

Off I go to spend the rest of the evening practicing on my surplus farrier footage. The current plan is to spend the rest of this week getting back up to speed and next week I have some plans to start on Steelbak stuff.

I’m getting pretty stoked about that.