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2014 Ford SuperDuty Front End Refresh And Brakes.

I’ve been dealing with a bit of a loose front-end for a while. More recently, the brakes started dragging and the pads are worn out to the point they sound like metal on metal, so clearly its time for a refresh.

Initial Inspection

Tie rod ends and brakes. What else can I find?

Drag link: Pitman arm to the steering knuckle.

Track bar: locates the axle from side to side. Ball joint will require a long press.

The 2014 SuperDuty uses Ackerman steering geometry.

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Getting to work

Support the tie rod while removing

Torque settings:

  • Outer tie rod nuts: 85 ft-lbs
  • Upper drag link?: 145 ft-lbs
  • Steering dampener to drag link: 67 ft-lbs
  • Track bar (The main purpose of the track bar is to center the axle) : ball joint side: 188 ft-lbs Upper bolt is 405 ft-lbs
  • Two-piece flat wheel nuts: 21mm socket. Apply one drop of motor oil between the flat washer and the nut. 150 ft-lbs


Initial problem and inspection.

Should I clean up the old brackets and calipers or get re-manufactured from AutoZone? If new, do they come with crush washers.

DOT 4 fluid. Has a higher boiling point.

  • 55 ft-lbs
  • 166 ft-lbs


Using the brake pedal, only go about 3/4 of the way to the floor so as to not damage the master cylinder.

Oder of bleeding: passenger rear, driver rear, passenger front, driver front.


Toe alignment plate

Spindles and hubs needs replaced soon also.

OEM Spindles