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The Rig

My shoeing rig is the center piece of my life. It always has been.

I have had the great fortune to have had some really nice vehicles and this is certainly the best one yet for me.

This is a 2014 F 350 Powerstroke. It gets about 18mpg and it is everything I could want.

The purchase is a bit of a story

I bought it in Florida and drove it home with problems with the air filter, fuel filters, low oil, coolant leak and no rear brakes. The seller made a big deal about having it serviced right before I picked it up and even handed me the receipt when I met his wife at the airport. She told me that it needed something and I can’t remember what it was, but I booked it to that dealer before they closed to grab the part and they wouldn’t talk to me. They were leaving and that was that.

With the fuel filters screaming at us we headed back to Ohio through the night. We made it to Knoxville and the check engine light came on. We stopped at a dealer and had them do some stop gaps to get us home. We finally made it home after a good 24 hour trip from north central Florida to the Cincinnati area. That certainly wasn’t the end of our problems.

Besides the mechanical problems, we couldn’t get the states to do their jobs and we couldn’t get it titled and registered for months.

The coolest thing about this story is that it is this trip where we flew down there that my daughter Kylie decided that she was going to get into aviation. Now she has her dream job traveling the world working on jet engines for GE. Pretty cool.

Here is a tool of it set up as a farrier rig from a few years ago.

I have changed a fair bit about this setup since this video, so I have been meaning to do another. I’ll get to it soon.

Amazing set up. Can’t wait to build v2 of the grinder cart.

I really want to expand to an enclosed trailer with the three S’s (sleep, shit and shower) as well as mobile stream machine and of course, haul the tools and toys for job or the weekend.

I want the trailer to contain a tent that is big enough for a good work area.

So, good Lord willing, there will be a never ending supply of content coming about this.

Can I do installs of products like CJC Off Road has.


  • Coolant leak
  • Air exchanges replaced
  • Front end rebuild.
  • Tires
  • Work body attached properly? It’s squaking.
  • Air delivery system
  • Spare tire carrier and wheel.