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ATV Builds

Explore the transformation of ordinary ATVs into extraordinary off-road machines. From restoration to customization, join us as we push the limits of what ATVs can do.

’05 YFZ 450R

Traded the Suzuki LT 250R for this machine. Not starting well and sloppy front end. I think it needs the valves adjusted and/ or has air leak. The air leak is possibly the seals in the carb going bad, so… Read More »’05 YFZ 450R

’87 Suzuki LT250R

This machine was my first purchase to kick off my rebuilding hobby back in August of 2020. It’s been a long haul getting this machine to where it is now. It’s also a bit of nostalgia for me as one… Read More »’87 Suzuki LT250R

ATV Builds

Building ATVs isn’t just a hobby; it’s a passion that has driven me for years. I’ve spent countless hours in the garage, hands covered in grease, meticulously working on machines that embody both power and grace. But it wasn’t always… Read More »ATV Builds

Grizzly Gets New Tires, CV Boots and More

We are getting ready to try to heat this place with wood as much as possible this winter. To do that, we need to give the Grizzly and trailer some attention.