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’05 YFZ 450R

Traded the Suzuki LT 250R for this machine.

  • Houser A Arms
  • New Houser grab bar
  • MZM sprocket guard
  • Elka shocks
  • Tag bars
  • New hand guards
  • New rear rotor and brake pads
  • New grips
  • Alba front bumper
  • Alba nerf bars
  • 486 big bore kit with 13:1 piston about 12 hours
  • Stage 2 cams
  • Jetted
  • Dwt beadlocks
  • New gbc tires
  • New battery
  • Xc link

Not starting well and sloppy front end. I think it needs the valves adjusted and/ or has air leak. The air leak is possibly the seals in the carb going bad, so I’m rebuilding a spare FCR that I have to try.

I have noticed that the air screw won’t stay where I put it and that it needs turned all the way out for the machine to stop popping and back firing, so that is evidence it isn’t jetted or tuned right or it may just have an air leak in the carb from needing a rebuild.