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Get Fire Wood

Today, I”m going to finish up the utility trailer and the Grizzly and go out back to get some fire wood for this week. The temps have dropped biggly this week from the perfect 70’s F we were loving the… Read More »Get Fire Wood

Basement Wood Stove

Needs to go through the basement wall and up past the main floor. Needs to be wired.

3D Property Map Game Engine

Attempting a reasonably accurate model in Blender and using Unreal Engine for interactivity. Collaborating on Discord and Nextcloud with @liljespy. Start by modeling my garage and rig, specifically my vice and grinder cart since that is also what I want… Read More »3D Property Map Game Engine


All roads lead here. If you look at the menu on this site, I hope that it shows how it all leads to this goal. I want all these tools and skills so I can create products like ATV parts… Read More »Products

The Rig

My shoeing rig is the center piece of my life. It always has been. I have had the great fortune to have had some really nice vehicles and this is certainly the best one yet for me. This is a… Read More »The Rig

Precision Modeling

This is where we work on learning how to create precision 3D models for use in design and manufacturing on demand.

Precision Measuring

*This is a WIP. Need a collection of tools and skill to be able to replicate parts for creating precision models to then use for manufacturing on demand and such. I’m going to focus on metric measurements. Tools “Shop” vs… Read More »Precision Measuring


Cobra 2000 torch and stuff.