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An unfiltered chronicle of the Steelbak journey. Expect personal insights, project updates, and raw reflections on the DIY process. It’s the gritty reality of building, creating, and innovating.

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Content Codex

August 13, 2023 Multi-Brand Content Creation Concept Guide Introduction We are not just DIY contributors and content creators; we are advocates and architects for a more open, decentralized and just world. #WeHaveTheTools This tagline and hashtag are a unifying thread… Read More »Content Codex

ATV Builds

Building ATVs isn’t just a hobby; it’s a passion that has driven me for years. I’ve spent countless hours in the garage, hands covered in grease, meticulously working on machines that embody both power and grace. But it wasn’t always… Read More »ATV Builds

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Scheduling Guide

Welcome to this early phase of Steelbak’s development. As the lead of this multi-brand content creation endeavor, I’m currently focusing on finalizing the key documents that will guide our team. These documents are crucial, providing clear direction and ensuring that… Read More »Scheduling Guide

The Bag

My Trusty Companion: Meet my constant companion, The Bag. It’s more than just a collection of pockets and zippers. It’s my mobile command center, my toolbox on the go. It’s where I keep my most essential tools for capturing content… Read More »The Bag

Mechanic Packout

This is my primary tool set in the garage. I set it up as an ATV specific tool set, but it works well for use in general automotive mechanical needs also. Amazon Referral Links

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Tone & Story Guide

This article serves as a Tone and Story Guide for the Multi-Brand Content Creation Concept Business (Content Codex) Introduction In the heartland of America, a transformation is taking place. Scott Gregory, a seasoned farrier, is trading his horseshoes and forge… Read More »Tone & Story Guide

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Marketing Strategy

This article is an extension of our Multi-Brand Content Creation Concept Guide Who do we help and how do we help them? As a multi-brand content creator, we help a diverse range of individuals who share a common interest in… Read More »Marketing Strategy