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Porting & Polishing

This is part of my Rotary Packout This is the special tools and supplies needed to port and polish two-stroke cylinders and four-stroke heads and such.

The Great Survey

Steelbak’s First DIY Homesteading Series. The Great Survey is what I’m calling my second proof of concept in this Multibrand Content Creation business I have recently committed to building. Steelbak is my personal DIY channel (brand) where I create and… Read More »The Great Survey

3D Modeling Streams

Use Precision Measurements and create 3D models, rigs and animations in Blender and Unreal Engine to design and create things in our own homes or use Manufacturing On Demand. These videos will be a way to add value and become… Read More »3D Modeling Streams

Hub Access – Basic Support

This is the standard perk for Patreon, Hive delegation and other platforms – to be defined and refined. Hub access is an account on my Nextcloud server. Regular communications and access to files and more. Basically, a hub to build… Read More »Hub Access – Basic Support

Build Camps

Patreon perk gets preferred access. Hive delegation and other platforms to be defined and refined. I got the idea of build camps from the permaculture and Open Source Ecology projects I have been involved in. Using the example of our… Read More »Build Camps