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The Shop is our sanctuary, our playground, our laboratory. It’s where we turn raw materials into functional art, and where every tool has a story to tell. This category gives you a glimpse into the heart of Steelbak’s creative process.

Hydraulic Press

I found a killer DIY option that turns a shop press into a brake press. This opens up a world of custom metalwork possibilities. It’s like having two tools in one, and it’s a game-changer for Steelbak. Check out this… Read More »Hydraulic Press


Sherline 17″ Lathe – Package C Why a lathe, you ask? Customization is the name of the game. Whether it’s crafting unique ATV parts or creating intricate metal pieces, a lathe is indispensable. I’m opting for the Sherline 17″ with… Read More »Lathe

Vice & Grinder Cart

One of the most useful early need tools in any DIY shop. The first model to be made for the 3D Property Map. We can design and build these to sell as well as create a community around that with… Read More »Vice & Grinder Cart


Cobra 2000 torch and stuff.

Husky Bench

This is my first purchase after “The Weekend“. Obviously, step one in any shop endeavor is a good work bench and tool chest and this is the one I got to get things started. Currently, it is used for my… Read More »Husky Bench

CNC Plasma Cutter

A key part of my fabrication efforts.

Wiring Packout

Its just a drawer right now, but its growing. Pretty close to the limit on this drawer. I keep investing. Eventually, this will be a packout and maybe separate automotive and household unites. We’ll see.

The Shop

Believe it or not, this little space has come a long way. -> Will post about that soon. The goal is to continue to build out a fully functioning DIY homesteading, mechanic and custom fabrication shop. We will participate in… Read More »The Shop