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The Shop is our sanctuary, our playground, our laboratory. It’s where we turn raw materials into functional art, and where every tool has a story to tell. This category gives you a glimpse into the heart of Steelbak’s creative process.

10/02-04/20: The Weekend.

Friday: The neighbor’s dog went after my little boy today. We have had a few problems with the neighbor’s German Shepard already in the past when he comes over and threatens our livestock, but this time my wife and kids… Read More »10/02-04/20: The Weekend.

Custom Builds and Projects.

My name is Scott Gregory. I am a farrier ( a father, an on and off farmer, a bit of a content creator (@flyinghigher), and last but certainly not least – open source advocate and voluntary solutions (anti-state) journalist (… Read More »Custom Builds and Projects.