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Trail riding

11-30-21: Mountain Biking

The boys were pretty desperate to hit the trails today. That’s pretty much what @liljespy came up here with his bike for. I didn’t have very much work this morning, so off we went. Honestly, I’m glad we did go… Read More »11-30-21: Mountain Biking

03-09-21: Bushwhacking.

I bleed red for Milwaukee these days. It’s probably not a super interesting story as to why, but that is the platform I have decided to go with. The biggest reason is of course that the batteries are interchangeable amongst… Read More »03-09-21: Bushwhacking.

09-12-20: Sunday riding.

This morning’s task is to learn LibreOffice Calc. In all my computer experience, I have never taken the time to figure out even the basics of spread sheets. I need it for several new projects, but specifically the four wheeler… Read More »09-12-20: Sunday riding.