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Revving Up the ’87 LT250R: A Day of Riding at Bavarian

September 20, 2020

The Suzuki LT 250r is finally rideable.

After days of anticipation and preparation, the Suzuki LT 250r was finally ready to conquer the trails of Bavarian. Little did we know, the day would be filled with unexpected challenges, lessons learned, and the pure thrill of ATV riding.

The week leading up to the ride was spent tuning the new Mikuni carburetor using the also new 6 Sigma jetting kit. It seemed to be running pretty well, but I suspected it still needed new reeds. It was also a little rich on the top end, but from doing some research, that could also be because of the reeds.

Getting in was easier than I thought it would be. We landed this rig at my mother-in-law’s house, which is at the end of a very, very tight road with her place being a bit tight as well. There is almost no flat area on her place. It’s Northern KY after all.

Deep in the woods of Bavarian, we have a bit of a playground. Well, there are many, but I’m talking about this one for now. This particular little playground is a bit trappy if you aren’t familiar, like I wasn’t. Anyway, I took a jump over a berm and to my surprise, the other side was a 15″ or so ditch with a very sharp bottom. Man, I can tell you that I was really looking for a take back or do-over as soon as I started down that ditch. Luckily, today was not the day I crashed and burned doing something stupid and the worst damage I took was a bit of dirt on the front end of my nice quad.

Yes, it is a dump, but we feel really blessed to have such a great place to play with our family. Time to load up again and clean the bikes and change the fluids for the next ride – hopefully next weekend.

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