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Yamaha Blaster

Step into the world of the Yamaha Blaster, a compact powerhouse of an ATV. We’re taking this nimble machine and pushing its limits, exploring every facet of its performance and potential. From engine modifications to suspension tuning, join us as we transform this ATV into a true off-road warrior.

02-09-22: General Update

January Sucked. It turns out that January was really just a complete loss. My wife and I were sick a lot on either side of our Florida vacation in early/ mid January. Then when we got home, we continued to… Read More »02-09-22: General Update

10/02-04/20: The Weekend.

Friday: The neighbor’s dog went after my little boy today. We have had a few problems with the neighbor’s German Shepard already in the past when he comes over and threatens our livestock, but this time my wife and kids… Read More »10/02-04/20: The Weekend.