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04-03-22: More Organizing

Surveying the Projects

The morning started off with a stroll around the property looking at all the things I need to do.

Its starting to be time to get out there and do stuff on the property, but the first step is to lay out all the projects. We need to do some prioritizing and look at the costs and stuff to get some things done around here. That’s pretty much the theme of this blog lately is to just get my act together and do some projects.

It seems like it should be easier than it is.

Still Focusing On The Shop

Metal/ Farrier area
Rotary tools, Oxy/Acetylene, grinder/ vice cart, shoeing rig, etc
Project table with Blaster engine rebuild happening.

… and media. Most of my time is shuffling files. I’m continuing to go through all my media and clean it all up. I start with my current media, edit that, then go back and start cleaning. Naming things, deleting, just stuff like that.

and also: Keeping cameras charged, offloaded (organized), edited, format memory, repeat. It takes a lot of consistency and time. I have a system, but it takes practice and consistency.

To aggravate things, the keyboard is really laggy in WordPress lately. Its terrible. I’ve done some looking for the reason and I don’t see any.

Now I have a cold.

And I’m a straight up pansy when it comes to being sick. I swear my brain doesn’t work and my body isn’t going anywhere either. It’s not the worst, so maybe it will just be a day or so, but productivity isn’t going to be spectacular.

The thing is that I was down last week with some sort of stomach bug. I had a glorious 13 hours or so when I wasn’t feeling like shit and then I get this. Again, not so bad, just not good and productive either.

Oh well. Luckily there isn’t much on the calendar.

While “down”, I’ve been spending the time continuing to go through my files and such.

New Blender Start Up File.

I like the way this guy works and I’m going to emulate ideas and use the files he has given away. I’m doing pretty poorly with my daily 3D stuff.

A Little Aside

Communicate and Market Through All Practical Channels.

We need to be where other people are doing the things we are trying to do. Success is always about two things: a relentless passion and the people we around.

Screen Recorder

OBS is the tool I want to master for screen recording. Screen recording is a really important part of being able to communicate and collaborate on projects.

Edit in Blender

All the different media can be “blended” in Blender.

Collaborate on NextCloud

Self explanatory, but Nextcloud is the hub of our communications and collaborations.


Looking up Blaster parts

I didn’t really ever get to @liljespy’s Blaster.

I’ll try to sleep on it.

Now I’m off to my evening thing, which is my daily 3D. I’m going to work on the grinder/ vice cart. I might try out editing the screen recordings from OBS also.