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10/02-04/20: The Weekend.


The neighbor’s dog went after my little boy today.

We have had a few problems with the neighbor’s German Shepard already in the past when he comes over and threatens our livestock, but this time my wife and kids were walking in our back field and the fucker came out and went straight after my five year old boy. Luckily, the girls reacted quickly and swooped him up while my wife went after the dog and managed to make it go away.

Now everyone has to be armed on our own property just to go for a walk. There is a lot more I could say about this situation, but I won’t for now.

My New Tool Box!

I have been looking around for nice toolbox on Facebook Marketplace for weeks now. I finally found a new scratch and dent for a decent price. I was hoping for a better price of course, but it’s something I really need if I’m going to get busy in my garage here. I’m afraid to say that this doesn’t appear to be enough.

This thing was super heavy. I did not expect it to take four of us to get it loaded into my van. One of the guys, the guy selling it actually ripped his pants really bad in the arse end, lol.

This place is full of decent tools, but I have no organization at all. It is a mess.

Time to change that.

Honestly, it doesn’t usually look any where near this messy. This is mostly a function of me cleaning up.

I have been waiting a long, long time for this.


I took a break around chore time to ride a few lapse on the quads with the kids. Brooke is still getting the hang of her Raptor 660 (on the right).

Of course, the Raptor sprung a leak, so we messed around with that for a while. It appeared to be just the hose clamp on the water pump, so I pulled it all off, cleaned it up and put it back on.

After we did what we thought we could with the thing, I took it for a few laps at a nice brisk pace and it looked like we were good to go.


We got packed up first thing in the morning with our quads.

With the kids growing up and getting their own cars, it looks like I need to expand our driveway.

I had a bolt missing on my engine mount, Luckily, @honeybadger6070 was able to find one in the shop and I got it installed without issue.

Heading out to ride.

Remember that coolant leak? Well it appears to not be fixed yet. Luckily we have a Grizzly and we towed the Raptor back and loaded up to go home. Riding is done.


Today is mostly working on the garage. It takes making a mess to clean up a mess.

The main goal today is to remove everything from my shelves, clean up the shelves and the stuff on them and get rid of most of the stuff.

These shelves don’t look bad in the pics, but they really are terrible. A little soap and water and they are all good.

Now I just have to spend a few days getting things organized.

Since its a rainy day, I can tell that I do really need some lights in here. I found some neat LED lights that just screw into the existing light bulb fixtures. The reviews are excellent and they are only about $30 bucks each. I guess I’ll work on that this week.

Now I’m heading in to sit my ass on my computer to chill out and work on some content (like this). I’m also going to work on a post for about re-booting and about Hive tools, another about the #MemeWarMonday events and more. I have been thinking a lot about these things and I think there are better ways to do these things.