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Game Engine

Welcome to the Game Engine section of Steelbak, where we’re not just playing games, we’re pushing the boundaries of the DIY motorsports world.

In the realm of DIY motorsports, the game engine is no longer confined to the world of video games. Here at Steelbak, we’re harnessing its power to bring our designs to life, optimize performance, and create a fully interactive experience.

Imagine being able to interact with 3D models of machines, delve into the minutiae of their specs, right down to the bolt thread. Picture having all the information you need about parts, maintenance, and modifications at your fingertips, in a fully immersive, interactive environment. That’s the power of the game engine.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re using the game engine to design custom parts, bringing our unique vision to life in a virtual space before we even pick up a tool. We’re also using it to design workspaces and properties, creating the perfect environment for our DIY projects.

We’re currently exploring various game engines, including the powerful Unreal Engine, known for its vast resources and capabilities. However, in line with our commitment to open-source solutions, we’re also considering open-source game engines, particularly those that integrate with Blender, our tool of choice for 3D modeling.

In this section, you’ll gain insights into how we’re using the game engine to revolutionize our DIY motorsports projects. From design and testing to visualization and problem-solving, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

So, strap in and join us on this journey into the virtual world of motorsports. It’s time to see what happens when you combine the power of DIY with cutting-edge technology. Welcome to the future of motorsports, welcome to Steelbak’s Game Engine.