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The Shop

Currently, it’s just our garage.

The Garage

Complete rebuild plus Port & Polish for a Yamaha Blaster

Believe it or not, this little space has come a long way. -> Will post about that soon.

The goal is to continue to build out a fully functioning DIY homesteading, mechanic and custom fabrication shop. We will participate in the designing, building, and maintaining of Open Source Ecology projects, ATV builds, and more. Again, the focus is on fully featured and documented, small scale open source focused custom builds.

Mobile operation is another key feature we are trying to design into operations and purchases from the start.

The Rig

We Have The Tools

I have spend a lot of time, thought and money on building this. It’s been almost exactly two years now since “The Weekend” that I decided to get serious about acquiring the skills and tools I needed to do this with my family. I had another one this fall where I decided its do or die on full time content creation.

I’m currently working on my Fall 2022 Update.

ATV Mechanic Packout

Ok, I lied. We don’t have ALL the tools – YET.