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Dust off

Sept 8th. I made the decision.

Content creation and open DYI is now my career. Shoeing horses is nearly over. Until then, it is still content and I have years of unedited stuff on drives also.

I have been thinking about and investing a ton in this goal for years now. My life and my mind is literally jam packed with content opportunities. Yes, I know how that sounds, but its fucking true. I can weave my daily farrier grind, steelbak openDIY and homesteading kind of stuff, The open source and decentralization project and Flying-Higher content creation and marketing. It seems this can all be a perfect blend of all the things I am interested in and ways I can make good content – which has to be the most interesting and fun way to live life.

Steelbak is my personal channel. You will see how I do the blending from this channel. The other channels are to be the focus channels. I’ll share the links and feeds from my other channels on this one, but not the other way around unless its particularly relevant.

There will be a focus on syndicating each channel to open platforms like #Hive and #LBRY, but syndication and interoperability FROM WordPress is my absolute goal and I might look for funding to that end. Maybe Patreon or something of the sort. Honestly, I put most of my hope in Hive and that is where a lot of my focus goes. I am working on that over on the DiggnDeeper Project with the wp-web3-syndication plugin development. Updates for that coming soon.

I’m back in the habit of keeping all my storage cards and batteries well managed and getting back into the swing of capturing content. Its been a while since I have gone through all of the GoPros and I did find some leftover content on them. I put all the files on drives and found that I’m in need of another big storage device. Time to get another.

So much data.

I’m mostly experimenting with framing – like where to put the cameras as well as actually getting actual congruent content. That is actually really challenging. One miss on batteries, card or any other failure can cause the loss of the whole project. It’s also very challenging to get the whole story captured. One hole in the story because time didn’t allow or something through the day can actually throw the whole thing out the window.

Ask me how I know.

Then there is the editing.

After a long day of working and trying to capture the whole thing, its editing time. This is where I typically fall apart and just watch some Youtube until its time for bed. It’s a real commitment and editing can be extremely time consuming. The decision has been made though. This is all I do now. Focus is the only thing that creates real success.

My editing station.

My editing setup is actually quite awesome and I’m lucky to have all the tools I do. It would be an absolute tragedy to waste that.

The only problem I have is that it is in the center of our house and there can be a lot of noise with my family doing there thing. I have a few thoughts as to what I can do about that, but this is probably were I’ll be for now.

Channel Introduction Video For Each Channel.

I will start with this channel. I think it will be the easiest anyway. Then probably the farrier channel because it is also easy, then I think I’d like to tackle the DiggnDeeper Project intro video. That would be a unique thing to think about. I’ll save the Flying-Higher video for last because it should probably be the most well done one, since quality content is the brand.

This is all about openDIY.

We want to learn how to make things and fix things and otherwise be self sufficient, well connected and robust. I think this is the way of the future and we now have the tools. I also believe we are living in the most transformative time in humanity. Open source and decentralized tech is leading to a complete new paradigm where the power can actually come from the ground up. We have more power in each of our pockets right now than all of humanity before us.

Monday Morning Publish Schedule

Monday mornings are going to be my first publish goal. Every Monday morning. I’m thinking that I can have all week to make the video, the weekends can be for editing and I will upload Monday morning until I have more than one publish pending and keep aiming to publish each channel once or twice a week. That would be 4-8 publishes per week across all channels.

I plan to create the blog posts first and probably publish the videos on the next available rotation.

New Logo and Better Branding

My OpenDIY brand needs to be much more clear and differentiated and I just came up with a logo.

It means; Always change for the better. Its and infinity, delta, greater-than. I’m hoping someone can make it look cool and I have more thoughts colors to maybe make it look like an arrow or rocket or something with flames going through the atmosphere. One of my daughters is an amazing artist and I’ll see if she will play with it.

Flying-Higher editing streams.

Flying-Higher is a content creation and marketing brand, so it would make perfect sense to do regular streams of my editing so that I could learn and share that with my ever present open source tools and workflows.

Getting this editing stream and recording thing going should be a top priority. That can be a very consistent source of great content.


This is a special interest of mine. I want to be able to publish to any platform from WordPress. This is the way to truly own our content.

You will find links to all channels and links to syndicated platforms here. I will create a reusable block for this.

This is the dust off.

I’m hoping there will be something more like a launch that can be used to create more interest in the near future once I have some solid numbers to report.

Now that this post is complete, I will start on the video version.