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11-12-21: Reboot…

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the folks that can just keep the content rolling. Its much more laborious than it seems like it would be. That’s not really any sort of surprise or revelation to me. I’ve been at this long enough to understand that, but my failure to keep up continues to remind me of how much work it is and how much I respect others that keep grinding.

In this little update, I’m going to keep things general. There is so much to talk about in detail and so I will leave that to dig into later.

No Excuses.

There is nothing that I either don’t yet have, or can’t get right now – other than everything at once. What I mean is that I can (and do) go out and get any tool or thing I need to accomplish my project; I just can’t go out and get everything at one time.

This is the way it should be anyway. It gives me time to research and think a lot about what I actually do or do not need. This slow and methodical thinking has already saved me from numerous dumb purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I have also made a lot of dumb purchases, but a lot less than had I not been going slowly and really trying to put my head into it.

More than that, I also already have all the media equipment I could ever need to create some nice stuff.


The end goal is to create a complete maker space for myself and my kids, which is geared toward light custom machine fabrication and maintenance.


Currently, we have five four-wheelers to rebuild.

Garage updates

This is where my time and money really goes right now. I’m steadily trying to work on the machines, but the shop is the primary focus.

I’ll expand on all of these topics going forward.