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’87 Suzuki LT250R Race Harness

This is how it started…

They guy I bought this bike from did this and he told us that he is a mechanic and electrical is sort of his thing. I’m not so sure about all that.

Electrical certainly hasn’t been my thing, but I committed to start learning.

In the spirit of the build, I decided to go with a race cut harness from South Texas Banshee.

Then I got into the wiring courses at HP Academy. I’m now working on documenting, testing and purchasing enough to make 5 of 10 of these. Then I want to make version with the OEM style switch and lights.

After that, the Raptor 660 harness.

The new harness uses the bullet type connectors and in order to connect the harness to the CDI and the break away, I ordered some connectors off Amazon which turned out to be junk. They don’t crimp properly and the heat shrink material is also too big and won’t seal to the small gauge wire (which they are listed for).

After doing some research, I decided that I want to use Deutsch connectors because they allow the best connections and flexibility for this application. This put me back about two weeks figuring out how to purchase for DTM connectors. I think I’m getting it now.

Tools –

The crimping tool is a big part of success in creating a quality connection. has tons of stuff to work with. It’s a good place to get ideas for what is available and of course buy what you need.