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Can I Even Do it?

It is time for a real change.

Honestly, it has been time for quite a while, but it is now becoming a bit of an emergency. My day job is literally dying before my eyes and I really need to get ahead of it before winter hits and I have nothing left to do. I’m pretty burned out with it as well. There is a lot to say about all of that and I will probably do a lengthy post on the farrier site soon, but suffice to say, this is the reason a change is coming whether I like or not.

The goal is to become a multi channel content creator – while I have never even accomplished success on one channel. To be fair, even with that being true, I do have a solid foundation for all of this to be built on going forward. Content Creation & Marketing

This project has been a little bit dormant lately. It was once my big hope and goal to build this into my “day job” replacement and I do still have a few regular clients that I work with regularly, but overall not a lot has been happening here. I certainly have not been putting effort into building and growing this brand.

I can’t decide what I really want to do with this. I love the subject of content creation and marketing, but I don’t really want to work with many outside clients. I keep thinking I should just stick to working with the few good clients I have and focus on creating content about how I do the things in an Open Source way. That rolls right in by being able to use content from the Steelbak brand and the content from the DiggnDeeper Project. It’s a trifecta of content.

I do have a ton of top shelf audio and video equipment as well as skills that I spent a couple of years collecting and investing in for this, but no matter what I do with this site and brand, it will all come in very handy in my own projects below.

DiggnDeeper Project: Open Source and Decentralized Tech vs The State.

This is my special interest project. It’s huge in scope with a dozen or so sub domains and a fairly solid presence on the Hive blockchain and other platforms. This project has been around for quite a while as I have been pecking away at it slowly, but continuously.

wp-dapp is my focus. Recent talks with @innerweb are sparking some hope. The project is active on Discord.

It is absolutely time to take it to the next level. This is a passion project and passion is the spice of success. We have the tools #OpenSourceEverything and now we are building the communities using blockchain nodes.

This could probably be a full time “job” in itself and that may even be the most sensible path forward to attain my goals. Open DIY

This is my personal DIY interests that I would like to build into a unique DIY content creation business with a very solid Open Source backbone and sell products and services in a very open source way. I want to explore and document how it all works within the new open paradigm that we are seeing become a reality today.

This concept is in stark contrast to the standard intellectual property paradigm that has probably always been the norm. I’m really excited to get into this a lot more. My day job

I’m probably only putting about 20 hours a week in this these days. It’s still paying the bills, but I am very concerned that this isn’t going to keep happening this winter. I’ve already had a few clients warn me that they are beginning to really cut down their numbers and this winter pretty much everyone is planning to pull their horse’s shoes. That is a big change in income.

I would bet there is a good chance things will be cut in half for December though May. It seems like now is my great opportunity. My wife’s site.

I’m not too keen on doing much here anymore. It turns out that I’m not really into being a farmer. I could see that changing if I wasn’t making a living as a farrier anymore. Its just too much outdoors and animals and filth.

The problem is that after I get home from being beat by the weather and the horses all day, the last thing I really want to do is go out and do more filthy labor in the nasty weather.

So, maybe in a year or two, if I can successfully get out of shoeing horses for a living, I will maybe reconsider getting back into farming with my lovely wife.

There is a ton of content potential here as well. The problem is that no one can stand being on camera.

At this point, I think all I need to do is to further define everything and just start scheduling what needs to be done like a normal business. Historically, there isn’t much rhyme or reason as to which tasks I work on a few times a week.

Now it needs to be much more consistent production with much more design. As I keep saying, I have all the tools. In this case, I have my Nextcloud hubs to do all my organizing and such.

I have everything I need to do it, but can I get it accomplished?

So many years of thought and plenty of actual time and money has gone into this already. It’s time to put one foot in front of the next and get shit done.