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01-03-20: Sunday. Getting some wood for Wednesday’s fire.

It might be a strange time to mess around outside in the terrible mess that is out there this time of year, but sitting inside for the whole winter isn’t exactly that cool either. It’s kind of hard to win at finding something to do besides sit on a screen in the house.

It’s certainly hard to get the ambition to get out there and do stuff when the ground is so wet that it feels like we are swimming in it.

The boys and I were getting a little stir crazy this afternoon so we just bit the bullet and went out to collect some wood for our Wednesday evening fire that we are planning.

Of course, while we were at it, the Grizzly ran out of gas, go I sent @william-gregory, the shop monkey to get some more. I won’t lie, it was an entertaining event to watch him wrestle with the 5 gallon tank and driving the Blaster.

We ended up with good enough amount of wood for the fire, but unfortunately, probably about half of it is really green wood.

We’ll go back out tonight and Wednesday afternoon to find a bit more good wood. I’m sure we have plenty but a little extra is always a good idea.