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Mastering DIY: Steelbak’s Tools and Skill Investments

The Journey of Tools & Skills: From Farriery to the Future

Embracing Openness and Craftsmanship

The Genesis: The Rig and The Hub

My journey began with The Rig, the cornerstone of my Farrier Services business. It symbolized more than just a tool; it was the heart of my operation, leading me towards a broader horizon. The concept of a ‘hub’ naturally followed. The Hub, powered by Nextcloud servers, became the operational center for each of my brands: Steelbak, Flying-Higher, and DiggnDeeper. It’s where schedules align and plans materialize, from farriery appointments to content creation deadlines.

Discovering Content Creation: The Bag

The allure of content creation led me to assemble The Bag – a collection of cameras and microphones, each piece a testament to my commitment. My initial experiments with farrier videos on YouTube were just the beginning. Now, The Bag serves a grander purpose across all my brands, capturing the essence of open and decentralized technology.

Steelbak’s Evolution: Tools, Education, Community

Steelbak’s story is one of growth through investment in tools and education. With a passion for DIY motorsports and homestead design, I delved into learning through platforms like CG Cookie and HP Academy. My growing skillset in these areas has been an exciting and endless journey.

The MODS Project: Precision and Ownership

Manufacturing on Demand (MODS) represents a bold step towards owning our means of production. By mastering Precision Measuring and 3D Modeling, we’re not just learning – we’re creating new economies of scale, embracing #WeHaveTheTools through community-driven, open technologies.

The Projects: Fords, Yamahas, and Homesteading

My focus currently lies on enhancing our Fords and Yamahas, perfecting our homestead. This involves a constant cycle of acquiring and organizing tools, a process you can delve into at our Build Camps.

The 3D Property Map Game Engine

Probably an overly ambitious endeavor, the 3D Property Map Game Engine aims to create an interactive map of my property to use for all sorts of design and documentation. This project is more than just a technical challenge; it’s a treasure trove of content, educational material, and a practical application of MODs in building our future.

Building Relationships: The Forge

At The Forge, the focus shifts to professional, client-based work, reflecting the personal touch I valued in my Farrier Services career. Here, relationships take precedence, shaping the way we engage with a select group of clients.

A Multi-Brand Vision: Revenue and Community Engagement

Steelbak’s journey is intricately linked with content creation across various platforms. Affiliate links, YouTube, Odysee, Patreon, and social media like Facebook are key revenue streams. My focus remains on project-based content, driven by a passion for open-source and decentralized approaches.

The Transition and the Vision

This transition from farrier to a multi-brand content creator marks a significant chapter in my life. It’s a journey filled with contemplation, learning, and an unwavering belief in a better way of doing things. This website is not just a platform; it’s a reflection of my dedication to a new, more open and decentralized world.

In Conclusion

Every step of this journey, from the initial setup of The Rig to the future aspirations with The Forge, encapsulates a commitment to craftsmanship, open-source principles, and community-driven innovation. It’s a path I’ve chosen with conviction, and every day brings new excitement and opportunities to learn, share, and grow.