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01-11-21: Sucky Day

Things started out bad.

I was just sitting at my computer and drinking my coffee as I always do early in the morning. My daughter had already left to go to work and before long, she called. Her car broke down. Not a great start to the day or the week for her, but certainly not the biggest deal in the world. Luckily my daughter works plenty and is good with her money so she can handle a bump like this.

Off I went to get her and call a tow truck for her. Luckily she wasn’t too far and she wasn’t on the highway. The steering went out and her dash lights started doing funny things, so my first guess is the computer. Its sitting at the shop waiting for them to get to it. I had it hauled straight there of course but they are busy as usual so we have to wait in line.

She ended up getting the day off, but I did not. I headed on up to Oxford, OH to shoe the horses for today.

This guy was clearly having a much worse day than we were.

It looked to me like no one was hurt, thankfully.

My stop for the day was the typical shit storm it always is. After the first pain in the ass pony was shod, I got out the project of the day. This mare somehow managed to pull both shoes off and keep all the nails in her hooves. That is pretty unusual.

As you can see, she is also missing a good chunk of hoof out of the area where she is likely to catch the shoe. I did the best I could and put a new set of shoes on her. Of course she had to make it as much fun as she could for me.

Anyway, I wrapped that up and a few more horses and went for some Mexican. Damn that was good. I was feeling in need and I was not disappointed.

Pimping Hive on Facebeef

Besides my shoeing, I have been spending a bunch of time pimping Hive on Facebook. I can’t seem to get any good interest. It’s just frustrating that these people are fussing with Parler and whatnot but they have this amazing platform here. They don’t seem to get it and I’m pretty sure I’m being rather articulate and representing good points and benefits to them.

I’ll keep spending some time on there, but I don’t feel like wasting too much time if I can’t convert them. So frustrating.