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01-17-21: Waiting to see what happens now.

Something is clearly about to happen in this nation. None of it makes complete sense yet, but we have never seen this build up before. This isn’t mob control, that’s for fucking sure. There isn’t anything we can do about it but be prepared.

I’m just focusing on building up, particularly the Hive account these days. Shoeing horses is really slow this time of year and will continue to be until mid May or so. These days things are changing so much, I really wonder if I will be seeing an uptick even then. It’s fine with me because I like the time to do other stuff in the winter.

My goal the last few days has been to drum up some interest and action on meshnets and open source journalism. This is something I spent a lot of time and effort on for a several years back and I’m suddenly seeing some chatter about re-igniting things again, now that we see what big tech is up to. Unfortunately, things seems to have died off a lot in growth, but some development is happening still so all is not lost.

Clearly this is time for action toward decentralization and open source in both education and activity. It’s also a time when I have some time. I spent all last year building up the tools and layout for and now is the time to get it going.