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01-20-21: Starting to learn electricity, math and more.

My goals in life these days is to become a more competent maker and open source, decentralized, voluntaryist shill. I want to be a producer and catalyst of good and I believe these things to be the way.

To do that, I have to become more organized and focused in how and what I learn. I want to learn functional math (always been a weakness for me), electricity and design (Blender). So far, I have little parts and pieces here and there of disjointed abilities. Right now, I need to take the time to actually create some curriculum plans and just plow through that.

If I document this and refine it, maybe it could be useful for others. I could document it on the site and one of the wikis there.

I’ve been doing some looking around about how to learn more math for fabricating and electricity type stuff. There are plenty of option online like Kahn Academy and others. They really are not very expensive and Kahn is free. I think I will start with Kahn and try to accomplish all that it has to offer and then maybe look at some of the others if that doesn’t seem to be doing it for me.

Watching all these makers I see online, it becomes pretty clear that most of the good ones have more education than I do, by far. I’m a fairly capable copy-pasta, but I want to be able to cooperate and give a lot more than that.