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02-22-21: The Thaw Has Finally Begun and More Maths.

I have gotten a bit behind with shoeing horses these last few weeks because of the weather we have had, but now I hope to get all caught back up this week. It really shouldn’t be too hard since I don’t do much work in the winter anyway. The horse’s hooves hardly grow this time of year and people aren’t doing much if anything at all with them. So anyway, if I keep a good steady flow to the week, things should be back to normal by Saturday.

The temperatures are supposed to only barely dip below freezing a couple of nights this week and the days are supposed to be in the 40’s and 50’s, so I’m curious how long it will take for the snow to go away.

Unfortunately, the next thing to deal with is the crazy amount of mud and slop. I never thought I would say this, but I would take that over these really cold days and bad roads. I have come to really hate not being able to get out and do what I want. It’s also nerve wracking when my kids are out there wandering about in that stuff too.

Baby Goats in the Garage

Its kidding season here and my wife had to put some of her baby goats in the garage for a while. It looks like I will need to build her another someplace to put these little fellows once the ground clears.

Rain and Thaw

At Least It Isn’t Dusty…

More Math This Evening.

I’m at the end of the basic arithmetic review and ready to start on algebra. I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about more advanced math, how to learn it and overviews of what it all means. I’m pretty excited to get into it and look forward to trying to apply it to real problems.