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03-29-22: My Engine Building Setup

I’m pretty happy with how far my garage has come lately.

I love that I can sit here and watch something or look stuff up while working on an engine or whatever. It’s starting to be a really nice spot to hang.

Not only is it a nice place to work on stuff, but a fun place to hang out and not lacking in fancy new tools.

We now have tons of specialty tools like this crank puller, for example. These tools rarely cost all that much and now we can do complete engine rebuilds. Even if the needed tools are expensive, we get what we need around here. These ATVs take a hell of a beating and rebuilds are just regularly necessary – and we actually like doing the work.

All of my most used tools and supplies are well within reach.

I will keep tuning the way I work, but this is a lot better than I ever thought I would have. The focus right now is as much on just collecting tools, skills and creating a better work flow.

Below is a crappy picture of my favorite new set of tools. This is my rotary tool that I use to port and polish mostly two stroke cylinders.