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04-05-22: New Car

Here I am at 5am with my coffee and my computer, but still have a cold. Not bad or anything, but its certainly not likely to be a world beater of a day. Plus its raining, so I won’t be doing much outside.

Starting to be a nice place to work.

Order shoeing supplies, check schedules and billing.

I use Linux, Nextcloud to manage my calendar and files and Stockhoff’s almost exclusively to buy my farrier supplies.

This Monday morning farrier supply check is a longstanding tradition. It started years ago when I used to work at horse shows all weekend and I needed the downtime to get my act together before I went out and shod horses for my regular clients throughout the week.

The “farrier” end of the shop.

Check out if you are interested in my farrier stuff. I’m honestly not very active on that account these days, but I do have some videos and stuff. I’d like to do more, but there are issues with that. Hopefully, my new wave of content creating will end up flowing over there too.

Looking For a New Car

My youngest daughter is ready to buy her first car. I’m so very proud of my three daughters. They have each bought a nice car with cash. They worked hard and have saved up a nice amount to get their first cars.

Fix the Rig’s windshield washer.

I did get that accomplished this am. It took a trip to the auto parts store, but that wasn’t a big deal. I just needed a bit of hose and some T fittings and it was done within a few minutes of getting home.

The original spray nozzles coming from the hood just crumbled.

Work on @liljespy’s Blaster.

Crank and counterbalance gears not aligned.

I went on the forums and learned that I need to put a collar between the crank seal and gear. It may need some gasket maker also as someone mentioned that a leak down test can dislodge the part and cause an air leak.

I can’t find the collar I took off the engine. Maybe it wasn’t there, or maybe it was attached to the seal… I don’t know, but it isn’t around anymore so I will order one as soon as my cash gets back up again.