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05-05-21: Sick

This is possibly the worst sore throat in my life. The whole hose is sick. There is no doubt that I am a pansy about colds and stuff, but seriously, last night was super terrible.

The most stressful part for me is that I have some horses with shoes off and another barn that I am already a little behind on. Add to that the fact that I will get even more behind for everyday I take off. I just simply don’t shoe horses when I have a cold and then when I get back to it, I have to double time it when I really only want to do about half for a while. It is already hard to not have allergy and respiratory problems this time of year around horses because the horses are so filthy and shedding.

Anyway, today has been a severe wash out and I was really hoping to get a lot done this week. Instead, I spent the vast majority of the day sitting on the couch with my little boy watching Spider Man and Transformer movies. This evening I’m wasting time watching Wander on Amazon. So far its good enough. It is definitely holding my interest and the filming looks great.

There just isn’t much use in trying to be more productive at this time. Like I said, I’m a pansy when I’m sick and my head just isn’t there. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.